Perspective + Perception =  Synergy in Motion.

                            A Creation reflected by the pure Nature of things.

I like working with Individuals, Organisations and Companies in a creative and innovative collaboration to bring your most potential into the light. 


Image Films

Whatever your company is most known for, I can communicate this to a wider audience and inform them of your contribution.

For example

Trailers & Testimonials for Youtube and Social Media

Do you have a film or a project you would like to share a teaser about? Let's show it in glowing, memorable terms.

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EVENTS Video Documentation

Corporate Events, Weddings, Family Events

I can capture the most magical moments and make a short video for your enjoyment or sharing.

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Showing the making of, behind the scenes of your project, event etc.

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Crosscultural EDUCATIONAL Projects/ Documentaries

Full-length documentaries, global multicultural educational projects. Focused on environmental and social Themes, showing diversity, aiming for a sustainable multicultural and environmental integration.

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How we work together

Intimately yet independently , trustfully and professionally.

We engage in a creative process to work out the artistic audio-visual representation of your message. I focus onto the details in an intuitive, stylish and if appropriate humorous way. The outcome will be an authentic imprint of what your business, event, project hast to offer to the world.


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Next Steps...

Let's meet and chat about your vision. Working together on creating a wonderful audiovisual imprint to be shared.