20 years ago .. I woke up from a dream that became Reality and changed my live forever... (narrated by Keifer Sutherland)


Was it destiny? One dream! I woke one day and knew what I had to do: To believe in it! The story that brought more chaos yet opportunities to

grow into the life i never could have imagined.  Alone yet connected to a universe that knew how. A dolphin became my teacher.


The story of my breech birth and what seemed an impossible mission - to birth naturally against all odds. (narrated and told by myself)


One trailer of a documentary I made, has reached 49 million Hits on YOUTUBE and has therefore reached so many people globally, that it has created a movement of its own. I realised how a personal story told in an


authentic storytelling can literally create cultural change worldwide. This experience as well as understanding the craft of authentic story telling motivates me help others to share their mission with the world.


My Approach

My philosophy is that everyone and every company is unique and has a gift to share. I love to capture the moments that are unique and precious to the viewers.

A well-told story can change many people's lives and influence people around them, create Impact in a way no one has anticipated. I help you tell your story.



Some of my specialities

I am a versatile person, who can find the story with you, produce, film, edit and see can evolve from there ...

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That's me

Film Maker and Artist

Interesting people and fascinating circumstances make a story unforgettable.

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and me

Underwater Filmmaker/Artist

This is my passion. To be in the water with my fellow beings as well as capturing never ending beauty in a 3-dimensional space. u


and who are you?

I look forward to meeting YOU

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